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A Spa for You is proud to be one of the few Sedona Spas to be awarded TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for 2021 for its consistent 5 Star Client Service Reviews since 2011 - Click for A Spa for You TripAdvisor Reviews.
Awarded TripAdvisor's
Travelers' Choice Award 2023

A Spa for You is proud to have been one of the 1st Sedona Spas ever to have been awarded TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence (now Traveler's Choice Award) for its consistent 5 Star Client Service Reviews since 2011 - Click for A Spa for You TripAdvisor Reviews.
Among Sedona's 1st Spas ever
Awarded TripAdvisor's Traveler's
Choice Award and now for 13
Consecutive Years! 2011-23

A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa is a Proud Member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce - Click to visit

A Spa for You is proud to have been one of the 1st Sedona Spas ever to have been awarded TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence for its consistent 5 Star Client Service Reviews in 2011 - Click for A Spa for You Gift Certificate information.
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A Spa for You is proud to hostThe Object of Desire Sedona Art Gallery - Please click here to learn more about this Unique Art Gallery, the works hung at A Spa for You and the Spa's metamorphosis into a complete gallery for Sedona 1st Friday Art Walk
The Spa is proud to host the
art of The Object of Desire
Sedona Art Gallery daily &
for every Sedona 1st Friday
Art Walk to Totally Transform
into Sedona’s Premiere Pop-Up
Gallery for a 3 hour Exhibition!
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Experience the awesome pleasure
of total relaxation ...Created just for You

Whether looking for that perfect, luxurious complement to your Sedona day, or an exquisite experience for you and your loved ones to share, A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa offers the singles, couples and group massage and spa experiences you are seeking.

About Your Sessions: A Spa for You all-inclusive, signature massage and spa treatments are always complete. They include the use of individually blended, multiple-therapeutic modalities, exquisitely warmed rocks, or cool marble stones, premium Lafemation Simple Path™ Organic Skin Care products, 100% pure Organic Jojoba and dōTERRA® essential oils. Another distinction of every A Spa for You reservation is that each session is individually designed together with you through a pre-treatment consultation to create the perfect balancing session just for you.

Creating sessions supporting you being in your breath: The most valuable support of your well-being we can share is the gift of time. And an important part of how we work together with you to create the perfect individualized spa session is by adding to your session - a 15 minute pre-treatment, personal consultation with your massage therapist.  For this reason, we've come to refer to our 60-minute session as a 15+60 session, the 90-minute as a 15+90 and the 2 hour as a 15+120.

Your Personal Session Consultation: As part of your session, your pre-treatment consultation provides the possibility to share with your massage therapist just how you are that day, how you like your pressure, where you carry your tension and anything else you would like us to know to help them make you feel comfortable. And, beyond providing your massage therapist insight into where you carry your stress and special attention areas to be aware of - this time also gives your massage therapist an opportunity to explain your session, to remind you that your session is yours and to invite you (as needed during the session) to always feel comfortable sharing anything they need to be aware of to be most effective in bringing you into full, complete, relaxation and breath.

When should I arrive at the spa for my session? The time of your session booking is the time the spa will be ready to greet you and begin your 15 minute personal consultation before starting your treatment. So, when you book a 15+60 minute session - you should mark your calendar so that it shows your session will be from the booking time forward for (15+60) 75 minutes; for a 90 min session that would be (15+90) 105 minutes and for a 2 hour session (15+120) or 135 minutes.

On the day of your reservation, we request that you join us
at the time of your session booking
...so together we have time to create your perfect session
Thank You!

In perfect harmony with your body and the environment, A Spa for You uses Lafemation Simple Path™ Organic Botanical Body & Skin Care products. Developed with the same care and attention to your well-being as each of our Lafemation Simple Path 100% Pure Organic Botanical Skin Care Products for all skin care needs - A Spa for You Sedona Spas Specialty Massage and Spa Treatments. This full line of botanical products has been created to enhance & support all skin types. Combinations of rare and precious 100% pure botanicals have been gathered from around the world to create these premium, all natural, cleansers, toners, masks, moisturizers, serums, eye refiners and body lotions. And, as you should expect, all Lafemation products are free of fillers, artificial colors, scents, Parabens, SLS, ALS & DEAs AND are Leaping Bunny certified: No Animal Testing by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. To read more about and purchase Lafemation products please go to our Simple Path Organic Skin Care Products page. 

Can't make it to the spa? Stuck elsewhere, but really want a spa session? ...Or, is there someone special you would love to gift a spa session they could experience wherever they are?

Consider booking a: Nurture in Place Teletherapy Spa Session

Sedona Spas - A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa Nurture In Place Tele-Therapy Spa Experiences

Our Sedona Signature In-Spa Massage Treatments

Although some of our treatment modalities are individually listed, we've found it's often the case that to bring you to that perfect Spa-Ahhh place - no single massage modality will do. For this reason, as part of all of our sessions, and through your personal consultation, your massage therapist learns just which modalities to combine to match your needs for that session. As well, we have created two of our most popular Sedona Signature Massage Treatments - the Sedona Experience and the Sedona Glow massages - as places where you can create your own personal massage collage.

   Sedona Experience: One of the spa's most popular Sedona Signature Massage Treatments begins with your own personalized combination of Swedish, Therapeutic, Trager® Approach, Mana Lomi and Connective Tissue (deep) massage, with hot rocks or cool marble stone highlights, and a gemstone (Chakra/Polarity) balancing if you like.  15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   Sedona Glow: (Choose Your Own Hue): Finding your balance is easy with this Signature Massage Treatment where you can choose, or have us suggest a single modality or blend of the ideal combination of Swedish, Therapeutic, Connective Tissue (deep tissue), Reiki, Trager® Approach, Cranial Sacral (CranioSacral), Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reflexology (foot and hand massage) along with hot rocks, or cool marble stone highlights to design the perfect hue of your own Glow. 15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   Sports Rebound: Awaits to prepare you for that long hike, run, ride, or game and as the perfect recovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation afterwards. Your personalized Rebound will be contoured to match your body's every need blending Integrative, Swedish and Deep massage with hot rocks, or cool marble stone highlights to bring you to perfection. 15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   Jin Shin Jyutsu: (think: "Acupuncture without Needles") Born from ancient, quiet and profound Japanese therapeutic modalities, Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonizes your body's energy flows by facilitating your body's own extraordinary healing capacity. A recognized complement to allopathic therapies, in Jin Shin Jyutsu when overloaded by physical, environmental or mental stress/trauma – some of our body's "Safety Energy Locks" close. This causes energy to backup and jump to other energy paths causing too much to flow to some places, and not enough in others. We experience this as discomfort, pain and ultimately as chronic imbalances ("dis-eases"). Jin Shin Jyutsu "Flows" reconnect affected energy points across the body, re-completing their natural energy pathways, unblocking energy stagnations, and reminding your body how to harmonize itself, your mind and spirit. Jin Shin Jyutsu when not combined with other massage treatments may be experienced in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Self-help follow-up is gladly provided on request. 15+60min:$130 - The JSJ Trinity (2 practitioners simultaneously balancing your energy flows) 15+60min:$245

   Trager® Balancing: A quiet deeply relaxing, powerful modality, the Trager® Approach brings together the practice of muscle release and body re-balancing through gentle motion, massage and intention - allowing the body's natural healing ability to again find its own center and rhythm. This unique modality with its floating-in-water quality coaxes stress, tensions, and pain to wash away by allowing your muscles to rediscover their natural, no-effort center of just being. Trager® sessions, when not combined with other massage sessions, may be experienced in comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   Mana Lomi: (The Delightful Path from Too Much to Nothingness...) From the ancient Hawaiian traditions of harmonizing mana (life force) of the body, mind, and soul - Mana Lomi describes the conversation between practitioner and tissue ...and redirecting the movement of energy from the areas of accumulation that have kept us from being in our full breath to bring us back to center.  Through Mana Lomi - less becomes more - while more becomes less - revealing the peace, balance and release you seek.  15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   PreNatal Nurturer: (Our Mother-to-be's favorite…):  Pregnancy need not mean forgoing the healing pleasure and relaxation of a pregnancy massage. Release yours and the little one's tensions and allow the customized, soothing touch of specially certified, experienced hands to bring you a relaxing compliment to this nurturing time of your life. 15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   Aroma Touch of Healing: Leave your cares behind and allow yourself to be transported through this delightfully aromatic passage into the world of relaxation, restoration, and healing. In this serenely powerfully, therapeutic session, a personalized massage prepares the way for 8 specially chosen essential oils to play their roles in your marvelous journey. Each becoming a stepping stone along your path as they are massaged into your back, neck, shoulders and feet. Intermingled with the quiet vibrations of soothing heated basalt stones, the combination exquisitely releases your body's stress, supports your overall sense of well-being and softly delivers you to your final destination of Harmony and Bliss. 15+60min:$145 - 15+90min:$190 - 15+120min:$245

   Desert Waves:  Fly with the Soaring Eagle as he lends his protective spirit to this healing, Southwest American Sojourn. Combining the four intentions of sacred, native oils with re-connection to our bodies within and to the breath-of-life, Desert Waves nurtures and replenishes your body and soul - releasing from you all that is not you. Starting from stillness you move through intermingling waves of flowing connections, extensions and rhythmic tapotement. Old edges are rounded by way of the soothing warmth of oil silken stones and un-needed patterns gently float away, re-opening you to the fullness of breath and life's possibilities. 15+60min:$145 - 15+90min:$190

   Nurture in Place: Available as an in-spa, or as a video-call teletherapy session for yourself, or as a gift to anyone with a smartphone, a tablet, or computer and an internet connection. Each session is created to unwind the unique areas and causes of your stress accumulations and to give you tools that you can use between sessions to help yourself - anytime, anywhere - to relax, re-center and be in your full breath. Nurture in Place sessions combine the simple, yet powerful modalities of the Trager® Approach (mind-body relationships) and Jin Shin Jyutsu™ (think: “acupuncture without needles”) along with a delightful dash of visualization. Based in the science of returning the body from whatever combination of stress that has moved body and your nervous system into its (fight or flight) sympathetic state, Nurture in Place sessions gently and playfully return you back to your parasympathetic relaxed state of being ...leaving you quiet, at peace and experienced with routines to continue supporting your own wellbeing until your next session. For further information on Nurture in Place tele-therapy sessions for yourself, or as an onsite gift for others, please click this link: Nurture In Place @Home and in-spa Teletherapy Sessions. 15+60min:$130 - 15+90min:$180

   Aromi di Lucca: (Aromas of Lucca):  This nouvelle massage inspiration was born of the intertwining Mediterranean aromas carried on the Tuscan summer breeze... the simplicity of relaxation through the unraveling of complexity. A favorite of our Signature massage treatments, Aromi di Lucca fuses aromatherapy with a full classical Swedish massage (the one you possibly have never received). Your personal journey starts with your selection of the essential oils that touch your heart and quietly winds through the relaxing circulation of all six traditional Swedish massage steps: effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, compression and vibration with a hot (or cool) stone completion - leaving you to drift among the olive trees, grape vines and warm amber fields. 15+60min:$145 - 15+90min:$190

Japanese Facial Massage...
as the wings of hummingbirds fanning the petals of youth

  Japanese Facial Massage: Exclusive in Arizona, A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa is pleased to offer traditional Japanese Facial Massage in combination with Lafemation Simple Path 100% pure botanical, organic skin care products. Japanese Facial Massage strengthens and tones facial muscles, naturally reversing age lines, sagging, wrinkles and environmental damage by optimizing natural cellular turnover. Trained under the 26th generation Japanese facial massage Master Shogo Mochizuki, this ancient and revered natural anti-aging session focuses not only on improving facial appearance and balancing your ki (bio-electrical flow), it also improves your physical, spiritual and emotional balance. Your Japanese Facial Massage starts with a neck, head and shoulder massage followed by the applications of a botanical cleanser, toner, mask, serum and moisturizer intermingling specialized, manual Japanese face-lifting massage techniques and gua sha tools throughout the session. This exquisite treatment, thoroughly enjoyed by both our female and male guests, is individually created to support every age, skin type and condition. 60 min session.15+60min:$145 - 15+90min:$190 - 15+120min $245

   Sedona Touch of Gold: This ultimate anti-aging, head-to-toe nurturing journey begins with a personally focused massage to relax and balance your outer being - flowing into our most unique Japanese Facial Massage (as above) with the addition of pure 24 karat gold leafing over special hydration areas of interest. Floating on... your own individualized Jin Shin Jyutsu, or Reiki harmonizing flow will balance your inner being while an energy releasing foot reflexology massage becomes the final act of this perfect dream session. An amazingly special treatment, you emerge refreshed, soft as spring cherry blossoms, sparkling with shimmers of gold dancing in the sunlight. 15+120min: $245

   Lafemation Unwinding Wrap: The Unwinding Wrap is a restful inner-outer, hydrating body-wrap experience that unfolds with a dry brush exfoliation followed by a warm body wrap with an all-natural mind-body balancing emulsion accompanied by foot reflexology. Next, the delight of warm toweling prepares you for the application of pure jojoba oil combined with the penetrating glow of warmed basalt stones to replenish your skin, leading to your full body lotioning finale. After which you will discover that there is nothing standing between you and complete relaxation. As in all A Spa for You sessions, all products used are 100% pure organic botanicals. 90 minute session. 15+90min:$190 - 15+120min $245

   Ahead of the Curve: Our all natural, Cellulite Reduction & Rejuvenation Massage Session has been created to leave you totally relaxed, refreshed and renewed with supple, smooth and moist skin. Opening with a full-body dry brush exfoliation, this special session continues with a Bamboo Lemongrass scrub (with special focus on legs, thighs, glutes and hips) and warm, moist toweling to cleanse and revive your skin. Following on, connective tissue and deep effleurage massage are intermixed with the touch of warm stones to increase deep circulation and support cellular turnover - bringing you to a quiet Lafemation Botanical Cellulite Reduction Balm completion. 15+90min:$190 - 15+120min: $245

   Romancing a Stone: (Sedona's Original Hot Stone Massage): Heated basalt rocks polished smooth by ocean surf and cool marble stones glistening from mountain streams combine their subtle energies to this deeply relaxing full body stone massage session.  Merging with your own personal blend of Swedish, Deep and Connective Tissue massage these lovely stones share their warmth and earthly vibration with each soothing massage stroke to relax, restore and rejuvenate your entire being. The most relaxing deep massage modality possible. Although the use of some hot rocks is included in all of our sessions Romancing a Stone brings in even more warm rocks as part of the massage to further extend your muscles' relaxation. 15+60min:$145 - 15+90min:$190

   Ayurvedic Abhyanga: (Sacred Warm Oil Massage) Ayurvedic Abhyanga is the ancient therapeutic warm oil massage developed for Indian royalty. Invigorating while deeply relaxing, this treatment moisturizes the skin as it promotes lymphatic flow, bringing balance to the body and mind. Your session opens with your choice of Dosha, the aromatic oil fragrance to which you are drawn, then drifts you into quiet metamorphosis as warm oils are flowed, pressed and massaged into your skin - replacing tensions, aches and cares with the subtle serenity of calm and breath. 15+90min:$190 - 15+120min: $245

   Ayurvedic Quartet (4 Handed Sacred Warm Oil Massage): And just when you thought it couldn't get any better you discover the Ayurvedic Quartet - a two Massage Therapist, synchronized, four-handed Ayurvedic Abhyanga warm oil massage for One that takes you into a realm of gentle, physical sensation and mental relaxation; which even after experiencing, you may not find words to describe... This 60 minute fit-for-royalty massage will be something that you will talk about for years to come. (Hint: leave yourself some time following this treatment to simply enjoy where this session takes you). 15+60min (2 massage therapists): $245 - 15+90min (2 massage therapists):$310

   The Sedona Duet (Our Couples Massage): A perfect sharing of a perfect moment... the Sedona Duet transports you and your loved one to that caring space you know and cherish. With your choice of two massage therapists giving the same or different session modalities to each of you simultaneously, or 2 back-to-back sessions, each of your sessions will be individually designed to bring you each to that spa-ahh place: 15+60min, 15+90min, or 15+120min: whether simultaneous, or back to back. Couples session's pricing is the combined price of your choice of sessions.

  Adding a unique magic to your unforgettable Deep, Integrative and Therapeutic massages (by request) we are pleased to integrate our one-of-a-kind hand carved Gua Sha tools from whale bone, 10 thousand year old fossilized mammoth ivory, moose antler - or our cosmic, eons old, meteorite upon request.  

Please visit our Reservations page for complete reservation information.

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All major credit cards accepted.

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