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A Spa for You is proud to be one of the few Sedona Spas to be awarded TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for 2021 for its consistent 5 Star Client Service Reviews since 2011 - Click for A Spa for You TripAdvisor Reviews.
Awarded TripAdvisor's
Travelers' Choice Award 2022

A Spa for You is proud to have been one of the 1st Sedona Spas ever to have been awarded TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence (now Traveler's Choice Award) for its consistent 5 Star Client Service Reviews since 2011 - Click for A Spa for You TripAdvisor Reviews.
Among Sedona's 1st Spas ever
Awarded TripAdvisor's Traveler's
Choice Award and now for 12
Consecutive Years! 2011-22





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Lafemation's Simple Path Clean Body and Skin Care products are all Leaping Bunny Certified

Lafemation's Simple Path Botanical Skin Care is Leaping Bunny Org Certified: No Animal Testing






















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.Lafemation Organic Body & Skin Botanical Beauty Products
A Spa for You's Aromatherapy Microwavable Hot & Cold Neck Wraps
With a multi-channel 100% Cotton inner pouch filled with 100%
Organic Flax seeds and a washable, Soft-as-a-mouse's-belly™
100% cotton flannel hidden pocket outer cover

Aromatherapy Hot and Cold
Body, Foot & Neck Wraps

A Spa for You presents
Our All-natural, Microwavable
Hot and Cold Aromatherapy

Body , Foot & doTERRA Style Neck Wraps

As our guests have always commented how much they love the hot and cold wraps that we use in all of our spa sessions... Now, by request these same Thoughtfully Designed and Locally (Sedona) Hand Crafted with Love, Limited Edition, Snuggly Aroma Touch Aromatherapy Hot/Cool Wraps are available for you to Snuggle with and Gift.

Following our tradition of 'always doing our best' - Unlike many, Our Aromatherapy body, foot & neck wraps are "Spa Tested" and designed with Snuggly Soft, Washable, Cotton Flannel covers, have excellent inner fill dispersion, use only Organic filling and are available in your choice of irresistibly lovely colors ;-)

Not all Aromatherapy Wraps are created equal: Ours use 40+% more channels than most Wraps their size. We use 10 (rather than 4, 5, 6, or 7) channels of 100% cotton muslin inner pouches which make for a more consistent fill dispersal and heating/cooling properties while maintaining greater body flexibility. We fill our wraps with the more expensive, soft, flowing 100% Organic USA flax seeds.

And for the perfect Snuggly Neck Wrap Completion our wraps come together with our Soft-as-a-mouse’s-belly™ ;-) washable 100% cotton flannel (hidden pocket) outer covers in a variety of wonderful colors - that we love and hope you will you too!

Soft is what makes Snuggling up with
these Sweeties so Special

A Spa for You - Aroma Touch Neck Wrap double stiched
All stress seams are 4-thread serger-sewn or
double stitched for durability.

Use these as Aromatherapy Neck/ Foot Wraps (by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil) – as Warming or Cooling wraps – OR in Combination - Perfect Harmony!

To use as Aromatherapy Wraps:
Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) directly into your palm – rub palms together then rub onto your wrap’s outer cover.
For Muscle aches etc. consider placing a few drops of a warming/relaxing essential oil on the area directly then adding your warmed wrap - for deep penetration.

To use as Heating OR Cooling wraps:
  • In Microwave: ~1.5-2 minutes to preheat. The 1st time you use a new microwave... it's best to preheat using (15 second) short intervals until you understand your microwave's perfect timing to adequately heat your wrap, as excessive overheating will eventually shorten a wrap’s life.
  • In Spa warming Cabbies:  preheat an average 15-20 minutes before use.
  • In freezer: Cool in freezer - spread out as flat as possible for maximum cooling ~0.5-2 hours (depending on how cool you want it) - Note: Always place in large zipped-closed plastic bag before cooling to mediate moisture uptake.
  • Always allow your wrap to completely air dry before storing.
  • Washing (Outer Cover Only):
    Carefully remove the inner pouch from the outer cover - Only wash outer cover in gentle cool or warm cycle, tumble dry low or air dry.

    Always avoid washing or placing your pad’s inner filling pouch in water or in high moisture environments to protect filling from water and humidity.

    100% American made in Sedona with Love and Care ;-)


    We include USPS Priority shipping to most US desitinations: We ship all available product as soon as possible - please allow at least 5-8 days ...and perhaps a little more around holidays. ;-)

    Current Colors: Purple - Aquamarine - Mauve
    Inner 10 channel design &
    Current Cover Colors: Purple, Aquamarine & Mauve

    Buy your very own Snuggly Neck Wraps... for only @$29.95 per wrap delivered ;-)
    Pricing includes USPS Priority Shipping:
    Order by color...
    1st Choose each Color(s) of Wrap you want to purchase from the drop down AND add 1 of each color you want into your cart... THEN Click View Cart... and in your Shopping Cart Choose choose the Number of each Color you want before checking out and purchasing.



    Choose Your Neck Wrap Color(s)

    Our Aroma Touch wraps are lovingly made available as soon as possible to meet your needs. The colors may shift due to availability - so please bear with us.

    If for some reason we are out of the product you want when you order, or if you are interested in a special order - please send us an email about your interest to our email address below and we will email you when new ones are available. Be sure to include your contact information and we will be back to you ASAP.

    Warm regards, Thea & Johnnie



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